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Spain • 2020-05-14

Madrid receives pure-electric BYD 12-metre eBus fleet

BYD, Europe’s leading electric bus manufacturer, has this week delivered a fleet of 15 BYD 12-metre pure electric buses to the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid – EMT Madrid. The handover marks the first time that BYD has supplied vehicles to EMT Madrid, Spain’s largest public transport provider operating 2,100 vehicles.

BYD 12m pure electric bus

An official hand-over on Wednesday 13th at EMT Madrid’s Fuencarral Operations Centre, was attended by José Luis Martínez Ameida, Mayor of Madrid – Borja Carabante Muntada, Councilor for Mobility – Alfonso Sánchez Vicente, Manager at EMT Madrid and Joaquín Bellido, Sales Bus Director for BYD Iberia.

The latest BYD fleet of pure-electric, 100% emissions-free eBuses replaces existing diesel-powered models, and will significantly reduce EMT Madrid’s CO2 emissions while increasing further the number of zero-emission buses on the Spanish capital’s roads. The new BYD eBuses will meet the demands of the high-frequency ‘route 52’ service connecting Puerta del Sol and Santamarca.

BYD 12-metre eBuses for EMT Madrid Delivery

On the left: Mr. José Luis Martínez Ameida, Mayor of Madrid; on the right: Mr. Borja Carabante Muntada, Councilor for Mobility [Picture Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid]

The BYD fleet will also be the first to operate on a new city-centre perimeter service which will form part of the ‘Madrid’s 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy’.

Market presence of the BYD marque right across the Iberian Peninsula is now well-established with major BYD fleets already operating in Barcelona, Valencia and Badajoz in Spain, and in Coimbra, Portugal. In 2019, Badajoz, in the southwest of Spain, received the 50,000th eBus built by BYD.

While receiving the new BYD eBuses, Mayor Ameida, said, “The Madrid City Council continues its commitment to sustainable mobility – especially in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic. Prevention and safety measures are being adopted for anyone using public transport,” he said, “and we encourage all Madrid’s residents to use public transport. Today’s 15 new electric buses come with great environmental credentials and will join the two first lines where there are zero emissions.”

Onboard a BYD 12-metre eBus – From left to right: Mr. Alfonso Sánchez Vicente, Manager at EMT Madrid; Mr. José Luis Martínez Ameida, Mayor of Madrid; Mr. Borja Carabante Muntada, Councilor for Mobility [Picture Source: Ayuntamiento de Madrid]

BYD’s Joaquín Bellido said in response, “I’m delighted that EMT Madrid is helping to reintroduce a return to normal daily life in Madrid, and with a statement of intent to improve air quality in the city with a fleet of new BYD eBuses. We are very excited too,” he said, “at the prospect of seeing BYD eBuses on EMT Madrid’s new circular route in the city centre very soon.

“With the rate of infection of the coronavirus now on a downward curve throughout Europe, we can now start gradually to move forward again with Public Transport Operators and help them deliver safe, comfortable, emissions-free transport for their citizens.” he added.