Green City Solution

What do we mean by Green City Solution?

Electric transportation, lower cost, zero emission. BYD builds all-electric taxis and buses to replace the current gasoline and diesel ones, to reduce emissions from the transportation sector and cut down the operational cost of buses and taxis by two thirds or more.

Why Green City Solution?

The increasing number of taxis and buses on roads while convenient also creates problems. These include the higher cost of reducing serious emissions, higher cost of medical care, and higher cost of fuel. So any solution has to meet all these issues while still maintaining transport requirements.

The e6 and BYD ebus for Green City Solution

The e6 and BYD ebus are BYD’s Green City Solution. They are all-electric vehicles powered by the Iron-Phosphate Battery and have started to replace current conventional taxis and buses to serve in various cities around the world.

Drive More Save More!


Gasoline/Diesel cost in your city €/liter
Electricity cost in your city €/kwh
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