Never stop doing good work

At the same time as being dedicated to constructing an internationally competitive enterprise, BYD cares constantly about social progress and contributes to many charitable causes as part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.

BYD pays close attention to and actively takes part in various public efforts such as disaster relief, support for education, contributions to social welfare, and sponsorship of culture and sports. BYD is very clear about the social responsibilities that companies need to assume and seeks to lead by example. As a result, the company has been constantly recognized by the general public for its efforts to improve the world we live in.


Support to schools in poverty-stricken areas

Since its establishment, BYD has sought every opportunity to contribute to education. It has contributed extensively to the improvement of local education by donating to the Central Primary School of Longgang Town, Kuichong Central Primary School, Zuoquan Primary School, Shenzhen Middle School, and others. In November 2009, in response to the "Love donation to education, affection for rural areas" initiative of Guangdong Provincial Charity Federation, BYD donated to 33 schools in poverty-stricken areas in Guangdong with a total amount of RMB 1million to improve the poor conditions in these areas and help local children realize their dream of studying.

BYD Children's Welfare Institution

In 2007, under the direction and leadership of President Wang Chuanfu, BYD established the BYD Children's Welfare Institution, on which it spent RMB40 million as an initial payment, and organized a special team to take charge of the project. The motto of the BYD Children's Welfare Institution is: "doing everything to take care of all aspects of the lives of children" and is underpinned by the principle of "love others as you love yourself while serving society". The establishment of the BYD Children's Welfare Institution is an excellent example of BYD's attitude and determination towards social welfare. It reflects BYD's honorable corporate culture and spirit, and demonstrates President Wang's noble personal quality and character.

Zhongnan University BYD Scholarship

In November 2009, BYD set up a scholarship scheme in Zhongnan University with an amount of RMB 620,000 per year and a total amount of RMB 12,400,000 over 20 years. The Zhongnan University BYD Scholarship includes the Excellent Student Scholarship and the Excellent Teacher Scholarship. 100 students, including 60 undergraduates, 30 masters and 10 doctors, can receive the Excellent Student Scholarship, an amount of RMB 5000. The Excellent Teacher Scholarship is awarded to 10 teachers.

Disaster Relief

In 2008, after the destructive Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, the company paid close attention to the situation and peoples' living conditions in the disaster-hit areas. BYD's initial step was to donate RMB100 million and immediately dismount 1000 hoisting jacks from new cars-which were quickly delivered by air through the army-to be used to save as many lives as possible at the rescue sites.

Later, President Wang Chuanfu led the top team of the company to personally donate RMB 3 million to help rebuild schools destroyed in the disaster. The company also organized fund-raising activities many times among its staff and arranged to comfort employees affected by the disaster, helping them to overcome their difficulties and reconstruct their homes. The company compassionately admitted five students from the disaster-afflicted areas into its Shenzhen BYD Middle School. In addition, through contacts obtained during the relief effort, BYD also arranged for over 40 graduates to work in the company. Emerging from the earthquake, BYD's selfless contribution to the relief effort received praise and appreciation from all sectors of society.