BYD is committed to constructing a strong corporate culture and sharing its prosperity with all of its employees

BYD is devoted to vigorously pursuing a core corporate culture of equality, openness, passion and innovation. It adheres to a technology-based and innovation-oriented development concept and strives to achieve a high employee retention rate through its wide opportunities in career advancement, excellent working environment, and its employees' loyalty to the company.

Family Culture

In 2008, after the destructive Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake, the company paid close attention to the situation and peoples' living conditions in the disaster-hit areas. BYD's initial step was to donate RMB100 million and immediately dismount 1000 hoisting jacks from new cars-which were quickly delivered by air through the army-to be used to save as many lives as possible at the rescue sites.

Later, President Wang Chuanfu led the top team of the company to personally donate RMB 3 million to help rebuild schools destroyed in the disaster. The company also organized fund-raising activities many times among its staff and arranged to comfort employees affected by the disaster, helping them to overcome their difficulties and reconstruct their homes. The company compassionately admitted five students from the disaster-afflicted areas into its Shenzhen BYD Middle School. In addition, through contacts obtained during the relief effort, BYD also arranged for over 40 graduates to work in the company. Emerging from the earthquake, BYD's selfless contribution to the relief effort received praise and appreciation from all sectors of society.

Quality Culture

BYD seeks to develop its culture of quality and excellence through a long term development initiative. The direct meaning of "Development of employees comes before development of products" - first put forward by President Wang Chuanfu - is that the quality of our employees determines the quality of our products. The establishment and implementation of various systems, including research and manufacture of new products and the introduction of quality systems, have been achieved by employees.

Based on this awareness of the importance of the quality of our employees, the concept of "Development of employees comes before development of products" thus comes into being. As the development of its corporate culture continues to progress under this theme the meaning of "BYD quality" will rise to a new level and become a central pillar of the company's development.


Earnestness is a key theme of the BYD culture. It embodies an attitude to work by which employees are positively committed to their work, act responsibly and pay a high level of attention to detail and the pursuit of perfection. This theme is strongly and persistently integrated into the corporate culture so that it becomes a hallmark of BYD people and will enable the company to win market share and build corporate competitiveness.